The British Council:Job Vacancy: Customer Service Assistant (J grade).The deadline for applications is 09 /02/ 2010

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  • The British Council

Job Vacancy: Customer Service Assistant (J grade)

The British Council is looking for a part time (20 hours/week) Customer Service Assistant based in Casablanca. We are seeking an enthusiastic and dynamic individual who can to provide KL services in Casablanca and to support the achievement of the British Council’s strategic objectives through the delivery of targeted Knowledge and Learning information services and also assist in the delivery of high quality information services to customers which meet their needs and enables the British Council to achieve its objective.

Applicants need to demonstrate the following skills and competencies:

  • Team working Level 1
  • Customer Service Orientation Level 2
  • Achievement Level 2
  • Flexibility Level 2
  • Self Awareness Level1
  • IT Skills
  • Communication Skills

Salary: Approximately Dhs 3500 Gross per month with an excellent health insurance Scheme.

The job requires some unsocial hours. Working Saturdays may be required.

If you are interested in applying please download and read carefully the below guidance notes then fill in the application form and email it to us (Contact details below).

The deadline for applications is 09 February 2010 at 17.00

Only short listed applicants will be notified.

Please send applications to:

Recruitment Officer

British Council

87 Bd Nador Casablanca

or by email to:


site web :



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المكتب الوطني المهني للحبوب و القطاني: مباراة انتقائية لتوظيف متصرفين و ثلاثة مهندسي الدولة. آخر أجل هو 22فبراير2010 جمعية التنمية و البحث:توظيف مساعدين(تين) تنفيذيين (تين) .آخر أجل هو 15 مارس2010

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